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Shelley Hawkins, MS

Shelley Hawkins, MS

Are you successful, yet crave clarity for a new direction?

Are you seeking more meaning, passion, and prosperity?

Does it seem that no matter what, “it” is never enough?

Would you like to liberate yourself from the invisible ways you hold yourself back?




Take an adventure

of self-discovery to the potential

that is just waiting to emerge in you…


Knowing who you are, knowing you’re more than enough, and dissolving who you are not, is essential to the life you’re here to live and the work you love to do.

Whatever has held you back, you’ll dissolve it here. Inner barriers give way to the you that is already there and eager to emerge more than ever.

Make the pivot point, discover and dissolve what really holds you back, open doors, draw opportunity to you, and live the life that wants you as much as you want it.


Your First Step awaits…

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Whatever you’re ready for is ready for you. — Mark Victor Hansen

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